• To fundraise and assist with the graduation showcase of the Full members of the Elder Conservatorium
    Bachelor of Music Theatre degree.
  • To promote the interests of Bachelor of Music Theatre students at The University of Adelaide.
  • To cater for the Bachelor of Music Theatre students in their study, social activities, welfare and future
  • To promote a strong working relationship with The University of Adelaide’s Faculty of Arts for the
    benefit of the students it represents.
  • To further the ideals of the genre of Musical Theatre at the student level.



  • The first year ECMT cohort with the second year ECMT cohort, collectively fundraise together for the
    outgoing second years’ third year graduation expenses.
  • The annually fundraised capital is present to the outgoing second years and is solely dedicated to that cohort, for use under their discretion of the outgoing committee and the guidelines of the constitution.
  • Fundraising resets annually leaving the bank account with 10% of the previous years fundraised amount
    as start-up capital for future fundraising events.



  • Should a Full Member decide to defer, leave, discontinue or change their course of study out of the
    ECMT degree, ‘Full Membership’ will be Transferred to ‘Alumni Membership’, Allowing the benefits of
    the association, without the entitlement to any fundraising benefits for third year student graduation
  • Should an Associate or Alumni Member become a student of the ECMT Degree; thus, entitling them to
    Full Membership, it will be at no extra cost. Provided said member is still in good standing with their
    membership. (E.g. Remaining financially current on overlapping years).



  • Each member is to have and demonstrate a positive attitude and shall respect fellow ECMTA members.
  • Members must maintain a positive demeanour when representing the ECMTA in any capacity or
  • Each member should aim to promote the ECMTA positively in any given forum in a respectful manner.


The following process has been adopted for significant breaches:

  • First Offence: A letter from the President on behalf of the ECMTA Committee to the offending member
    outlining the relevant issue and a request for a written apology and guarantee that the offending
    member will do their best to abide by the membership contract.
  • Second Offence: Suspension or dismissal from the association with notice given in writing from the
    President on behalf of the ECMTA committee.



To maintain Good Standing within the ECMTA, members must be financially current and comply with the
information on the Membership Form and the guidelines of the constitution.



By spurchasing a membership, you consent to being photographed and/or filmed for purposes of promoting
the ECMT DEGREE or Elder Conservatorium Music Theatre Association on social media or other various means of